To assist international Garment importers in procuring good quality garments in required time from Chennai, Tirupur, Bengaluru, in South India


Our fees are negotiable depending on the nature of services required and the value of the orders / consignments.

Our Speciality

We undertake honest and professional follow up of all your Apparel / Garment orders placed in Chennai, Tirupur and Bengaluru in South India.

The buck stops with us

If you place your confidence in us, you will save a lot of money, travelling, etc. You will be free from headaches of bad quality, late deliveries, wrong colors, wrong items, wrong packing, etc. To know more, kindly go through our pages of "about us", "objectives &services".

About Us

Real Exports was founded in July 1992. Mr Ajit Kapoor is the Proprietor of the Company. He has 40 years of experience in the manufacturing & export of garments.

From 1992 to 2008, he started his own garment manufacturing & Export Company named Real Exports, along with a laundry for washing export garments, named Real Power Laundry.

From 2008, Real Exports has been doing consultancy services for various exporters and suppliers in India.

Mrs Chuhi Kapoor, wife of Mr Ajit Kapoor, is also well versed in the Garment industry as she has been assisting him in all his work.

From 1978 to 1992, he worked as Manager in a large Garment Export House and handled all the various stages of production upto Export. Some of the top Brands handled were: Topshop, Wallis, Udare, Miss Selfridge, Takeoff,Rikstar, Veromoda, etc.

Some of the Importers were: River Island Clothing Co.Ltd, UK, Hevika International, UK Abissi limited, Switzerland, Seletex Srl, BFC Srl, Mondial Stock Spa, all from Italy.

Ajit has vast experience in all the aspects of garment production and export, starting from marketing and handling Buyers, Sampling, costings, purchase of fabrics and embellishments, production, quality control, packing, shipping, documentation, Banking, etc.

Mr. Ajit Kapoor and Mrs. Chuhi Kapoor both are very professional and prompt in their work.
Presently, we are working for reputed Buyers as Merchandisers & for Quality control.

Objectives & Services


To assist the international importers & Buyers of Garments from India, so that they can relax peacefully in their own office and leave it to us to ensure that they get their shipments in time and with good quality merchandise.

Services: (Orders placed with your Suppliers)

Full Service – starts from Sampling upto shipment, which includes following:
Follow up on sampling, costing, order finalization, inspection and approval of bulk fabrics, embellishments, etc, quality control commences from initial production right upto final packing.
This includes random checking for measurements, stitching quality, fabric defects, stains, color variations, pressing, presentation, carton size & quality, carton markings, etc.
Vigorous follow up so that order is not delayed.
Documentation will be checked and shipping advice sent.
For sea / air shipments, proper companies & connections to be checked before shipment.

Part services: (Orders placed with your Suppliers)

Quality check & report on initial production
Quality check & report on midway production
Quality check & report on Packed Shipment
Only quality check & report on Packed Shipment

Agency service:

We are willing to become your Agent in India.

Merchandiser Services:

If required, you have the option of getting your orders manufactured and exported by the following two most reliable Exporters, with whom we have tie up. They have the required compliance certificates:

Knitted (Men’s, Ladies and kids wear):

M/s Fashion Knits, Tirupur.
Production capacity: 5,00,000 pieces per month

Woven (Men’s & Ladies wear):

M/s New Real Apparels, Chennai.
Production capacity: 20,000 pieces per month

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